How It Works

Our Clients

A-Team Virtual was created to give our clients access to a completely customizable experience.  Some clients have a virtual assistant for a guaranteed number of hours, some use us just when they need us.  Some work with only one member of our team, others work with several members to make sure that they are getting, and paying for, exactly what they need  – no more, no less.

Our Team

Our team members are experienced virtual professionals. Our selection process assures that our assistants have the skills to support our clients, and also the unique qualities and skills required to work virtually.

Our Process

During our initial conversation we’ll give you the facts and answer all of your questions so that you can decide if we are the right solution for you.

If we decide to work together, our on-boarding process assures that you’ll get expert advice and hands-on help to make a smooth transition. Our ongoing support assures the executive-level, white glove experience you deserve.

Contact A-Team’s Founder, Julianne Wotasik, to start the conversation:


Form: Fill in as much information as you’d like on the form below:


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